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Is it possible to keep the audio streaming alive when the iOS application is send to the background?

We would like to enable audio playback in the background for our iOS application using the Wowza GoCoder SDK. Is this possible? And if so, how as i’m unable to find this in the documentation.

Hello @Jan Willem Eshuis, in order to better assist you…would you be using GoCoder to stream through Wowza Streaming Engine or Streaming Cloud?

Hi @Rose Power We are using the GoCoder player to playback a Low Latency Stream from our Wowza Cloud.

@Jan Willem Eshuis for confirmation, you would like the audio to keep playing when the application is not active in the window…is that correct?

Yes, that’s correct

Yes, you are right.

Hello @Jan Willem Eshuis, I see there is a support ticket for this. Are you getting the support you need?

Was there ever an answer for this? Having trouble getting the player to start back or even to keep going when the app goes into the background.

The Player.isPlaying == true when the app comes back into foreground but doesn’t recover and eventually crashes. I swear this was working a couple of weeks ago.

I see this over and over when I bring app back to foreground until it eventually crashes:

WowzaGoCoderSDK: Connected

Session state changed from HANDSHAKE_SERVER0_SENT to CLOSING

Session state changed from CLOSING to CLOSED

WowzaGoCoderSDK: Default socket buffer size: 131072 with err = 0

WowzaGoCoderSDK: Updated socket buffer size: 1024000 with err = 0 WowzaGoCoderSDK: WOWZPlayer: stream state: 1

We currently don’t keep audio playback occurring in background when app is not in window.

hi @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager , @Jan Willem Eshuis

I am using iOS Wowza sdk and I am not able to resume live streaming after coming from background to foreground. Please suggest

Please create a new forum question as this is a different question than the original post.