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Is MS Edge supported for webrtc?

Are peerconnections between MS Edge and Wowza supported? I’m encountering problems with the DTLS handshake failing, and I’m wondering if anyone has had success where I’m failing.

On the server side I get :


WebRTCMessageHandler.handleSTUNMessage: Incoming message is not valid. msgType: 1

WebRTCMessageHandler.handleDTLSMessage: Unhandled DTLS contentType: CONTENTTYPE_CHANGE_CIPHER_SPEC.

On the client side, I get ORTC18615: ORTC RTCDtlsTransport: DTLS handlshake failed. hr=c004e00f

Oh… it seems that STUN isn’t supported in edge, and TURN isn’t fully supported in WSE, so I’m thinking the answer here is no because Edge is not going to be able to provide a public ip to wowza.

Has anyone tried this with a valid TURN server provided in the pc configuration provided to Edge?

I’ve tried with turn using udp transport and it works. You get both stun and turn functionality, meaning you get the same candidates as you would get using stun and additionally relay candidates. The url I used is