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Issue with IP Camera re-streaming


I am trying to re-transmit RTSP/UDP stream from IP Camera similar device.

My issue is as following

(a) Wowza (RTSP Client)

(b) IP Cam device (RTSP Server) : It does not support RTP/TCP (only UDP)


(a) --> [DESCRIBE] --> (b)

(a) <-- [RES: Transport = RTP/AVP] <-- (b)


(a) --> [SETUP : with RTP/AVP/TCP] --> (b)

(a) <-- [400 Bad Request] <-- (b)


(a) is waiting

I tried server.xml/ port sharing : true

Still Wowza try RTP/AVP/TCP and waiting.

Any thought about it? In fact, there is similar question in below but no answer.

Thank you for reading.


Thanks for reaching out @seockwoo jang. Let me provide you with some docs to use as a reference. If this doesn’t work for you, I would suggest submitting a support ticket to receive more detailed assistance from tech support. But let’s start with this:

This doc will have you check the UDP port. You may find the video tutorial helpful as well as it covers this. Hope this helps!