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Issue with live streams getting long delay

We run 15 live 24/7 streams on Wowza using 2 origin servers and 2 edge servers. The origin servers are transcoding to multiple bitrates and creating an HLS stream.

Recently we have found that streams are getting an increasing lag over time. The most we’ve seen is 15 minutes before we’ve restarted all the Wowza services which has restored the delay to an acceptable couple of seconds.

This is happening multiple times per week and we’re not able to see any obvious issues. CPU, Graphics card, RAM are all in the 20% level and the hard drives aren’t being used. The servers are all dedicated to this task and have dedicated graphics cards.

How can I gather details to work on this issue? Where do I look?

Thanks for reaching out to the Wowza Community! I see you’ve also contacted our support team about this issue, and we appreciate you bringing it here as well.

I’ve checked our ticketing system and noticed that we’ve already addressed this specific concern in ticket #558996. In that ticket, we’ve provided a detailed response with troubleshooting steps to identify the cause of the increasing lag you’re experiencing with your live streams.

To avoid redundancy, I’d recommend referring back to the information provided in ticket #558996. It should equip you with the tools and steps needed to gather the necessary details and diagnose the root cause of the lag.

If you’ve already reviewed the information in the ticket and have further questions or require additional assistance, feel free to reply directly to the ticket or provide more details here in the community. We’re happy to help!