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Issues with the website

Two issues:

  1. If you open a wowza ticket, when you close the ticket, wowza sends you a survey to check if you are satisfied with the answer received, after submitting that survey, you get redirected to a 404 page not found URL, you should be redirected to the homepage instead.

  2. I cannot see the topics I opened on this forum, I have disabled the adblocker, using the newest chrome on the newest windows 10. If I go to

I see the image attached in the console. And the activity tab keeps loading

Thanks for letting me know @Elie_Obeid, I’ve brought it to the attention of our website team. Should have that fixed shortly for you.

Can you share with me the url for where you get redirected when you close a ticket? Thanks @Elie_Obeid

I don’t have any open tickets right now and no surveys sent by wowza, this issue is old, but I didn’t want to open a support ticket about it since it’s kinda silly.

If you could send me a survey to fill out, I’ll fill it and share the link