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Iterate over incoming streams and get source urls in HTTPProvider


Is there a way, in a HTTPProvider, to iterate over the incoming streams and get their source urls?

I’d like to check if an incoming stream is already started for an url before starting a new one.

I looked at the sample “How to get detailed server info with an HTTPProvider”, it does not contain the source RTSP url.

Thanks in advance


You should be able to iterate through the published streams and obtain the mediacaster stream urls through a similar procedure as follows:

IApplicationInstance appInstance = vhost.getApplication("[your-app-name]").getAppInstance("[your-app-instance-name]");
List<String> streams = appInstance.getMediaCasterStreams().getMediaCasterNames();
for (String streamName : streams) {
    String url = ((ApplicationInstance)appInstance).internalResolveStreamAlias(streamName);  
    WMSLoggerFactory.getLogger(getClass()).info("*URL: "+url);