Wowza Community Address already in use: bind

Maybe this is not directly linked to the Wowza server.

I added a new, fixed IP to mu Win 2008 R2 server with IIS, FTP.

on this IP, the wowza server is accessible at port 1935

Now, I want to use this IP for SSL access to the wowza (this IP not not bound to any IIS apllication)

Bind failed, try again ( Address already in use: bind

when I use netstat -ab i can find 2 times the use of the 443 port

  TCP            OWNEROR-2PRLM7S:0      LISTENING
 Can not obtain ownership information
  TCP    [::]:443               OWNEROR-2PRLM7S:0      LISTENING
 Can not obtain ownership information

Keep in mind that another IP uses port 443 for HTTPS access.

Hi Efiten,

IP/port combinations have to be unique, by default Wowza will bind to all IP’s that are available. To override this you can configure your VHost.xml

file to use a specified IP. In your VHost.xml file change:




You will need to change this for all the host ports setup in your VHost.xml file.

Also, IIS binds to all IP addresses.

Take a look at the windows command line utility netsh for managing IP addresses that IIS binds to.


Thanks, this helped me a lot, IIS was binding to all IP’s on all ports, with the netsh utility, i selected only the ones needed, and now wowza starts up completely

Great! Glad to hear it is working and thanks for the update.


For anyone else who comes across this thread, I had the same problem except I finally realized that earlier in the configuration, someone had listed 443 along with the other ports under the main HostPortList…

Removed 443 from that comma separated list of ports and it worked like a charm.

Thanks Cahlan, that was the case for me too (Seems to be the default for AWS installs).