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I encountered the error sporadically on Wowza server. I noticed this error keeps repeating till I restart the server and blocks other clients trying to connect . Are there any specific cases when this will occur?

CommandInterfaceRequestDecoder.getMessageSizes : java.nio.BufferUnderflowException|at java.nio.HeapByteBuffer.get(|at|at org.apache.mina.common.ByteBuffer.get(|at com.wowza.wms.server.CommandInterfaceRequestDecoder.a(|at com.wowza.wms.server.CommandInterfaceRequestDecoder.b(|

Also, I would like to know what problems are caused by this.

What is the class location for [com.wowza.wms.server.CommandInterfaceRequestDecoder]?

I can not find [com.wowza.wms.server.CommandInterfaceRequestDecoder] in this article[].

Let me check with tech support @DeokHyun Choi to see if there are common scenarios where this error occurs. They may have you open a support ticket to run some tests.

To determine the cause, we will need to take a closer look through a support ticket @DeokHyun Choi. Will you please do that here so we may assist you? Thanks.

Hi. Have you find a solution about that error? Thank you.

I’m still looking for a solution.

Hello, unfortunately we would not be able to determine the solution without a support ticket @DeokHyun Choi. This way the engineers can replicate and test.

You can submit that here:

I will update the community when the ticket is resolved.

hi. I have opened a ticket and wowza team answered to me this:

The error you have provided is related to a client connection attempting to use the CommandInterface, which is disabled by default. This is only used for remote management and provides warning that someone or something is attempting to access the CommandInterface/HostPort on 8083

Sio what i have to do? The port 8083 is disabled by default?

Can i do something to stop this error? Do i have to block the port access?

Thank you.