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JavaFX media player not working over HLS


We are trying to migrate our code, including media playback, to JavaFX and we seem to not be able to play over HLS at all. It is hard to say what the exact cause is, but in the end, we see the connection attempt to wowza, it seems to return a correct playlist, but the player does not work. We tried pointing the player at the demo url, FMS 4.5 and a whole bunch of other locations that stream HLS and that worked fine. We tried different Wowza versions as well 3.0.5-3.1.2.

The demo player is located here:

My guess is that the ?wowzasessionid=1231255 is what may be confusing the player, but at this point I am not sure what the issue may be since there is little debugging info on the client.

It would be great if there was a way to change the “chunk url” from media_1.ts?wowzasessionid to media_1.wowzasessionid.ts or something along those lines.

Any help or ideas are very welcome.

Thank you,



I reported this issue for the JavaFX team here as well:

I will follow up with you off-line with information for a possible solution.