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JW player - Pause and Play, Forward not working

I am using JW player and Wowza media server

  • Pause and Play is not playing from where I stopped video. It start from the


  • Forward not working

I need to implement all the features that Youtube video steaming and player.

Can any one please guide required technology updates and required integration need to take care.


I installed wowza server in my machine and found everything working (pause and play, fwd and play) with the sample example video from wowza and with snapwiz sat video but with the wowza player.There is no prbs with the video processing or even wowza configuration.

I am suspecting that the prbs with the JW Player with the modification that we have done to take encryption and the security or pause and play and fwd is not passing right command or no command to wowza which might be causing prbs.

Please guide us and this will be a great help - I am held up from the last few months on this issue

Anything form the support team - Please guide in the right direction.


If you have done modifications to JWPlayer the best starting point is to try with the default JWPlayer and see if it works. Remove any custom modules on the Wowza side for the testing.

Once you know the results of that, you can then troubleshoot further.

With the information given it would appear to be an issue with your modified JW Player, however with no information on the modifications it is impossible to say why.


I don’t have experience with Sony Vegas encoder, but if it seems to be the factor, try simplifying encoding parameters (e.g., Baseline profile), if seeking is an issue, check the key frame frequency. It is high, try reducing, try 2 second key frame frequency.

You can try adding this property to /conf/[app-name]/Application.xml

	<!-- valid values are: videoKeyFrame, audio, enhanced //DEFAULT = videoKeyFrame -->

We have had very good results for quality and for key frame alignment as required for multi-bitrate streaming using MS Expression 4 encoder. See this post for suggested presets, which might also be useful reference for Sony Vegas encoder settings:


You are having the same issue? From Feb?


WE had a prbs with our modified JW Player

var so = new SWFObject(swfObjFileUrl,playerId,‘800’,‘472’,‘9.0.124’,’’);

playerId parameter value was causing problem so later by passing empty value

var so = new SWFObject(swfObjFileUrl,id,‘800’,‘472’,‘9.0.124’,’’);

It started working pause/play and fwd working.

Thanks a lot.

We are facing one more issue on Forward

  • I am able to do forward and works fine for some videos and not working for some videos, these videos are processed using sony vegas in different system/machines.

Videos are processed in different system/machine - We see it works fine if we process in one particular system/machine but not working if we process in other system/machines. I am seeing sony vegas configuration and settings are same in all system/machine.

Is there anyway you can help on this regard and will it works if we do any modification in wowza application.xml or any wowza configuration files so that forward works for any videos and nothing to do with video processing settings/configuration


Do we need to take care anything in sony vegas configuration settings

I tried to update property with all values but no use. I could not able to get forward working. Is it some thing that I need to take care anything while processing video or is it some thing to do with player or media server? Please guide and advice because has become very critical for now and need to address this ASAP

Kindly support and advice the right solutions