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We see many of these errors after a few hours running a video chat application (basic sharedObject and low-latency), result is that clients cannot connect

2013-12-31 16:23:22 GMT comment server INFO 200 - killUnidentifiedSessions: Killing unidentified session: address:/ - - - 56777.515 - - - -

I understand this is new in 3.6.3 but there does not seem to be an interface to manage it that I can find.

Is there some documentation that explains the condition that results in it happening, and a way to compensate somehow in the application?



Yes, right, I think this is related to a 3.6.3 add: “Added system to kill unidentified sessions for which we have not received enough data to determine protocol”

What you show are INFO messages not ERROR or WARN. There may not be a configuration option related to this; seems like “not enough data to determine protocol” is not something you can tune.