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Landscape Mode in Wowza GoCoder SDK and Playback

We are having a very strange issue regarding Landscape/Portrait mode. We are broadcasting on 1280x720 preset and keeping broadcast orientation always Portrait so video frame does not change if you start capturing in Portrait or Landscape and our scale mode is AspectFit.

On the viewer side we are using RTMP on live and HLS on VOD and using AspectFill player settings to cover the whole screen. If the broadcaster use portrait or landscape mode video works file on the viewer side if he is holding the phone in portrait. But if the broadcaster is taking video in Portrait and viewer see it in Landscape orientation, it zoom in. (Because we have set AspectFill in player mode). Actually we need to turn the player settings AspectFill to AspectFit in the landscape mode based on the video orientation.

GoCoder does not change the frame size during the broadcast but rotates the video when started in Portrait and then changed into Landscape. We need to figure out a way in Live Streaming and in VOD to know that what is current frame orientation so we can take further steps to fix it. Right now from the broadcaster end to viewer end we don’t have any information related to that. We actually need to support both orientations while broadcasting and playbacks. We are stuck on this strange problem, how we can signal the viewer (Live/VOD) the correct video orientation during playback.

What’s your platform ? iOS or Android ?