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Limitation of bandwidth usage for Pay As You Go with Wowza Cloud


I’m about to have a concert live stream within few days.
I want to make sure that Pay As You Go have no limitation on bandwidth usage.
I expected 5000 viewer on 1080p 6Mbps Bitrate. Which will consume significant amount of bandwidth.
My stream target is on Akamai with Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Question is

  1. Can I used whatever I want without any interrupt from wowza while streaming (For example the system drop my live stream during the event unexpectedly, I don’t want that to happen)
  2. If I’m using 3000USD how they will charge my card ? At the end of the month ?

Thank you so much.

Hello @Rattanon_Chuaphet, those questions can only be answered through - they have specific calculators to give you a more precise estimate on bandwidth and cost. I don’t have info on how the billing works, but a sales engineer will be happy to answer you.