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Linux Command line to enable specific stream target

I have used WOWZA web interface to enable/disable stream target for 2 years. I have thinking whether I could use linux crontab job to enable specific stream target under a application.

I found some info. on REST API. but I am not good on API yet. Would someone provide to teach how to capture/list down existing stream target on our system on Linux shell script ?

I used Ubuntu 20.04 and WOWZA Stream engine to broadcast youtube. If I could schedule (e.g. 9:30 a.m.) on Linux to Enable using Linux command shell. I could run on Crontab job - enable and disable.

Within WOWZA stream engine, 1x application. I have 5 stream targets. I need to specify a stream target to enable/disable.

@Edward_Yuen see the rest api documentation. You can use Linux shell with curl and jq (json utility) to build your own automation. You of course involve cron as well.

Thank you for reply. I did not use REST API before. Let me try to read doc first and see whether I could handle it. May ask answer later.

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