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Live Cooking Shows from France

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you know about, offering live cooking shows on the Internet. Twice a week our very own chef, Patrick Cirotte, prepares an original recipe during a live broadcast; people can comment, and ask questions via Facebook’s Live Stream Box.

Back in December 2009 we ran three live 20-minute-shows for a client; only problem was, the client was adament we guaranteed 1000s of people could watch simultaneously. With Wowza Media Server for EC2 I didn’t even break a sweat: we set up one instance as load-balancer, another as origin, several large instances as edge servers, and we were in business! In the end viewership was good, and the customer was happy – at a fraction of the cost! No up-front commitment and a “pay-as-people-watch” pricing policy are two key advantages!

The recorded shows can be watched here (in French).

Thanks again to Charlie and the others for such a great product!

Michael Brung | J’apprends La

And finally how many viewers did you have ?

For now, I’m using a dedicated server for live streaming. I’m interested in EC2 to guarantee more viewers.

May I email you @ajileso ? I’m french too …

When I have access to post-Q1755,I found the Video image more than three seconds delay, what measures can be taken to solve such a problem?

3 seconds is normal. But you can set bufferLength to 0. This might negatively effect playback but it will reduce start time in the player. See this post:



Overall about 1500 people watched. I was planning on tracking attendance more closely (plotting an attendance graph using the data from the loadbalancer) but I ran out of time before the show.

No problem you can email me at