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Live MPEG-TS and KLV Streaming

Hello ,

We are using mpegts to feed wowza over udp or rtsp. Stream includes h264 video and klv data stream. But wowza outputs just include h264 video(lost KLV data). How can we handle this problem ? Is klv supported in Wowza ?

KLV is not supported at this time.


Wowza is just passing the stream through for live streaming, but KLV is not otherwise supported which is why it is not in the file.


it is possible that Wowza will passthru the KLV data. Does it work in your test? I am unable to test that myself.


I see that Wowza can stream MPEG2TS(with KLV) without modifying stream content. Topic link :

We generate the KLV and you just need to serve it. But when i record live stream , i lose klv packets just have video packets. How can i handle this problem ?

ı meant not klv support. I know wowza has only video and audio codecs. In our scenario , we have complete klv packet and we want from wowza just serve it . Is it possible and if it is possible how can i do this ?