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live on facebook

Can I give my customer to login and doing the streaming with Facebook and YouTube in himself with his or her user

This is not fixed in the Wowza control panel

I mean by this, how can I give my costumers users and access to chose the right time for streaming on FB or YouTube. Because it 's hard to give him access to the server with one user and pass I have it. That’s let us start thinking about the shroud add user for each user on stream account to let him doing that properly

and can someone make script for me that can anyone make live on Facebook and Youtube . it will be nice If link with API from live shell 2

Is my question clear?

I am assuming that you want to allow end users to stream to their own facebook account, this can be done, but you will need to have an external website where the user will give access to your application and then from there you will need to dynamically create a stream target for that user

how can I get that my dear ?

how can I get that me dear ?