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Live stream backup/alternative source

I guess this should be covered many times but it is not working for me.

I have Wowza 2 server and 2 origin servers: origin1 and origin2, is it possible to enable a backup/alternative source origin2 ? If origin1 fails, servers starts streaming from from origin2 source.

I’ve seen this is possible with live repeater via content file , simply piping (| but this is not work for me if origin 2 is direct source, but not live repeater (it failed for me even if it has setup as live repeater).

  • Is any way to this simply through piping with no live repeaters?
  • Maybe this is possible via modules/addons?
  • I also need, that if origin1 recovers, that streaming starts back from origin1 aftter some time
  • If seen that via piping it takes 12 seconds, is it possible to lower that time span?
  • Maybe I should do that simply in Flash player via playlist?

Yes, you can add pipe separated URLs in the Application.xml /originURL. And you can use pipe separated URLs in a .stream file, in which case each includes rtmp url + stream name


Also, #3 is not going to happen.

You can reduce time to failover by adding this Property to the Application.xml /MediaCaster Properties list:


The above is set to default 12 seconds (12000 milliseconds)


Thank you for quick response. I will try once more.

Maybe piping failed because of version 2.x ?