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Live stream has ended: Redirect viewers to dedicated website

Hi there,

after reading " How to Use Webhooks for Your Live Stream" the following question comes to my mind:

Would it be possible to redirect viewers to a dedicated website if a live-stream has ended?

We have an on-premise live stream solution. I know that should be possible writing an own Java plugin, but maybe theres an easier solution without developing an own plugin?

Hello, we do have an HTTP redirect here that will send a 302 redirect:

I know you can also use our loop until live module which automatically starts playing an mp4 video should your stream stop unexpectedly and it will automatically go back to the live stream if the encoder reconnects. But, that’s not sending them to a different website.

You can also handle this scenario with normal web programming.

  1. You track the state of stream through webhook. Server notifies your app server when streaming started and when it ended. Using program start end time and stream state (managed through a dB or so) you know even had ended.

  2. When users come to view your live stream, your web page can check that and redirect people to a different page.

There can definitely be more ways of doing this without a actively looking through the media server or even bothering it altogether.