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live stream stuck on iphone player

hi im new with wowza i just installed the trail and setup it on fast ssd vps with 1gb connection

now im trying to test my live screen capture in mobile (iphone)

and its working

but if i open the link


with iphone player or embededd flowplayer the stream keep stuck evry 1-2 minutes

and when i tested with VLS IOS APP

it worked better

any solution for that ?

thnx a lot

Hello there.

What are the details of the live stream? For example:

Audio/video codecs? For iOS this should be h264 video and AAC audio, or if mp3 using 128kbs, 44100hz stereo.

What are the fps and keyframe intervals?

Also, you might want to check the profile, if the profile is “high” then that might be the problem. a profile of “baseline”, or “main” might fix this problem.

You can also start Wowza in stand alone mode [install-dir]/bin/startup.bat|

This will output the server events to the console along with other log messages that could help pinpoint any problems.