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Live stream with multi chanel audio / broadcast solution ?


In this support forum documentation :

It’s said “For live streams, Wowza Streaming Engine can ingest a single MPEG-TS stream that has multiple tracks, and then separate them into individual tracks. This article describes this method. It’s also possible to ingest streams from separate encoders, as long as they are timecode-aligned.”

I’m able to get a video and some audio input on a computer with a BlackMagic encoder and a SDI multiplexed input.

But I did not find the way to broadcast/send the live video with multi channel audio to Wowza.

Software like Wirecast cannot do that. And I made some search on VLC and FFmpeg to do that but with no real solutions.

I’m searching a software encoder that is able to send a MPEG TS to wowza (with one MPEG4 video and some audio). Or a solution to send multiple timecode-aligned stream from the same computer.

It must be a solution that work for a live input.

If someone have some advise on the good way to do that, recommended software…

Thanks for your help


ffmpeg should be able to send an MPEG-TS stream with multiple audio to Wowza software. Can you post the ffmpeg command you’ve used that failed for you? We’ve also had users who successfully implemented a BlackMagic encoder. Can you tell us what errors/failures you observed with this encoder?