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Live streaming with HTML 5

Excellent. If anyone wants to see a live demo with an iPad, visit us at the NAB Show next week in Las Vegas. Wowza is at booth #SU9310.

The only HTML5 streaming we support is what is described above by Dobrushin. There is just too much fragmentation between the browser capabilities at this time to do anything more comprehensive in a reasonable way.


Because the Chrome browser does not support any of the forms of streaming that Wowza supports (Adobe RTMP, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, RTSP/RTP). I believe they only support progressive download.


hi there

i just tryed this and it didn"t work, despite i didn’t had error messages on the server…anyway i’m sure it can work, and i’m sure lot of people would like their flash player to stream directly to ipod, not possible because of h264 and audio codecs used ny flash player. It seems possible to re-encode on the fly flash streams into h264 using ffmpeg and x264. Infos can be found at the following link:

i’ll work on this and tell you what’s going on. But now we almost get html 5 to play our live streams, my wonder is how to connect to remote sharedObjects using html 5…is it possible ? does someone has informations about that ? thank you very much.

hi richard thanks for your reply.

So i think it is impossible to dev an iphone app using sharedObject, or does xcode provide this possibility ? If not, i am wondering about the iphone: is it really useless ? :D:mad::confused:

It’s only used on the IPhone Safari browser, not web page.

Look at this post for live streaming, includes IPhone:

And this post for vod streaming, also includes IPhone


Use the live tutorial, the IPhone steps. This will work on HTML5 on Safari on IPhone, IPod Touch, IPad, and Mac’s running Snow Leopard.


Here you go:

  <title>Your Video</title> 
<video src="http://[wowza-address]:1935/[appName]/[streamName]/playlist.m3u8"> 


Yes, but if it doesn’t, taking out your custom module and trying it without should be your first trouble-shooting step.


I have an IPhone 3gs (with latest OS) and it opens the quicktime player.


It should, sure.


SharedObjects won’t work with html5. You need Flash application.


Take a look at the ffmpeg and Expression 4 examples for good encoding references:

FMLE records f4v locally that is fragmented. Wowza should be able to play those, but there is a tool from Adobe for flattening fragmented f4v that might help.


Wowza produces the playlist.m3u8, it only exists in memory and is delivered to iOS clients. You just need to encode and configure for Cupertino streaming.


There is not any time frame or news about these future feautures at present.


If it helps, I have successfully used mv4 for rebroadcast and VOD,and f4v for live.

haven’t tested iPad yet but plan to soon!

what goes in the playlist for iPad/iPhone support?

Example provide by Wowza Ref Guide:


This article does not explain how the playlist.m3u8 is to be configured - how do I tell it what file to play?


The only significant difference between M4V and F4V is whether it’s a Flash or a QuickTime container. Inside, it’s all H.264/AAC (AVC).

We just tried live http streaming to an iPad with html5 and it worked!

where can i get more information about setting up a stream that utilizes Apple HTTP Live Streaming. I need information about how to set it up on both the server and on the webpage that a user would view the stream from.