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Live view from a preset position (ptz) on an axis camera


I’m trying to stream directly one of my preset position on an axis camera P1343

I already can see a normal stream (rtmp) but I don’t know what kind of parameters to put in my file after the /media.amp

I’m searching for a parameter like /media.amp?preset=mypreset (where mypreset is a preset what I saved in the setup of my axis camera)

Hope I was clear enough and sorry for my bad english


I’m not sure about “preset”. I use “streamprofile”, something like this:


And there are some querystring configuration values that you can set on the fly:



I have the m-1011w, no PTZ feature. I would guess you can add querystring variables as I showed “&pan=0.00000&tilt=0.00000”, but I am not sure. Have you asked Axis?


It seems, there is no such parameter:

It seems, there is no such parameter:

Use the PTZ preset feature to define the location you want in the camera first, in this case “PresetName” is what I called it.

Then use this syntax: [HTML]http://XX.XX.XX.XXX/axis-cgi/com/ptz.cgi?gotoserverpresetname=PresetName[/HTML]

If you use authenitcation on the camera you’ll need to use [HTML]http://username:password@XX.XX.XX.XXX/[/HTML]



When i told preset, I was meaning the preset position of the camera that you can save in the ptz mode.

For example, imagine that you have a camera showing a living room, using the PTZ, you save a position named door which just show the door (using the pan/tilt/zoom).

How can I just stream this preset position which name is door.

I found in the camera properties something like that :

PTZ Preset P0 Position P1:

Name : Door

Data : pan=0.000000:tilt=0.000000:zoom=1.000000

But I don’t know how to use it in the url ?

And if it’s not possible via the url, is it possible in another way/method ?

Hope I am clear enough :frowning: