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Load Balancer and RTMP redirection

Hey everybody,

I set up the load balancer AddOn successfully. HTTP (HLS) redirection and RTSP redirection work properly and as expected.

However, if I want to play a VOD file over RTMP using


this happens:

INFO session connect-pending 123.456.789.012 -
INFO server comment - LB PropertyHandler: getCorrectLBServerClient() Application name balancing for name 'redirect'
INFO session connect 123.456.789.012 -
INFO session disconnect 511125896 -
INFO session disconnect 809015696 -

The DEBUG log level didn’t produce any deeper level of insight.

If I read the documentation correctly there should be no different setup required for RTSP and RTMP redirection. RTSP works and this block is in place (conf/redirect/Application.xml):


Also loadbalanceIgnoreClients defaults to FMLE.

I tried to stream RTMP from VLC and the Flex VideoPlayer component.

Please advise.



Hello there.

Some Flash players have limited support for RTMP redirect. The latest Load Balancer 4 addon package has a new RTMP XML redirect mechanism.

RTMP clients that use HTTP requests must support the returned XML

The following is an example for generating XML output for use in some Flash-based players:


In this example, an RTMP client using HTTP requests gets XML returned similar to:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<meta base="rtmp://[load-balanced-server-ip-address]:1935/[application-name]/" />
<video src="[stream-name]" />

I hope this addresses your issue.

Kind regards,


JW Player 5 and Flow player support 302 redirect for RTMP

And I am hearing that the latest version of JW Player 6 has also added this support. But have not tested.

Kind regards,


I certainly evaluated this option, but I don’t find it very convenient to rely on a XML file which only includes a single URL.

It would be preferable that the redirection happened automatically. I do however understand that this is not within your scope of responsibility. Could you please name a few players which do support RTMP redirection?