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Load balancer m3u8 hls working on Jw PLayer


As you know the m3u8 playback for Load balancer is:


that’s url works fine un iPhone, Safari, even Edge on windows, but if I use it for Jwplayer returns error because it can’t handle redirect

Is there any way that I can use PHP or something else to catch de final url in m3u8 format that Jwplayer can play??


It’s not that hard: see the section “Host-specific information” in chapter “Redirection” in the Load Balancer documentation. You can make an AJAX call to the Load Balancer, specifying the “server” parameter, and in response, you’ll get back the IP address of the chosen Wowza server. Next, you use some JavaScript to set the video source URL in JWPlayer to that IP, and start playing.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this solution, or want someone to implement it for you, then by all means, use SiggDev or any of the other authorized Wowza consultants :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek


Hi Papiandy,

We could probably help you with this. There are some additional information that we need to discuss too. Also we need to present you our business model and pricing before commiting, so that you have clear understanding of all the factors.

Please feel free to contact us at

Hi, I just sent you an email

Thks for answer


Thks for your answers ! I finally did it with this methods you guys told me. This URL helps a lot to do this process


Thks again

Karel, that’s exactly the answer we gave to papiandy via email. Still waiting to hear if that is all that was needed, or some more complex work is involved.

It’s nice to see that we as consultants are thinking alike.