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Logging custom module to a different file

Is there any way to log (getLogger) to a different file?

Wowza logs every information inside access.log. I would like to log my custom module to a different file.

Hello there.

I believe this process is discussed and resolved in this thread here:

Adding a custom log file and custom log fields.

I hope this helps you out.

Thank you, Salvadore


If you’re having difficulties and require assistance with this custom logging, I recommend contacting a consultant.

We have a list of independent consultants which is available on request, please send requests to

Alternatively you can post in the Find a consultant forum.




The previous thread outlined by Salvadore does show how to add custom fields and therefore your own file, if you look at the file outlined in the thread the custom fields can be added to any output file.


Thanks salvadore.

The only problem with that thread is the lack of documentation. I felt like Wowza support was just answering the user question not worrying with others. I feel bad for the lack of Wowza supporting.

Thanks Andrew.

Will that log ONLY one line? I mean I don’t want all other INFO messages that Wowza outputs automatically.

Just to be more clear:

My custom module gathers a lot of values like streamName, ipAddress, etc.

I have one getLogger().info(“string here”) in my whole code.

Exactly this message should be written to a specific file and ONLY this line. Not all those lines reported by Wowza server.

Any feedback?