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Logging which rendition of a stream is watched within a smil file

Hi All,

We are currently serving ABR content through a SMIL file (using HLS ondemand and live).

The default Wowza logging only shows that the stream is being played but does not show which stream within the SMIL file is being played (i.e. 360p, 720p etc). We want to monitor which renditions are being streamed.

Is there anyone out there who could help with creating a module etc to help with this?

Thanks in advance.


I’m Roman, authorized Wowza consultant.

Your task is a bit tricky to implement but i know how to do it (was dealing with similar tasks before).

Please email me to

Cheers Romano.

Have sent you an email to get the ball rolling.


We are also one among the consultants who can assist you here, if the job is still open. Please feel free to contact us

Skype: shijils

mail: shijil(@)