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Long delay in webpplayer


Im running a wowza streaming cloud live stream With the Integrated webplayer. Im sending my video from a LiveU server and wowza is getting the video pushed on a RTMP link.

Im experiencing a approx 40.sec delay from the Source to i see the video in the webplayer.

I can see that wowza is receiving the video after approx 4sec from LiveU.

What can I do?

This is totally New for me.

Hello Kristian,

The Wowza Cloud solution has an inherent latency of 30-45 seconds due to the default HLS packetizing settings. Basically, you have a playlist comprised of 3 chunks. Each chunk duration is equal to 10 seconds each. So, you have to send in 30 seconds of content to be packetized and made available back to the player.

If you are interested in a lower latency configuration, take a look at this helpful article.
How to deliver a low-latency HLS stream in Wowza Streaming Cloud

Please let us know if you have questions.