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Looking for a Developer to Build a Custom Player in hls.js or video.js

Hi there,

We need more customizations than the Wowza player has, so we’re looking for someone to help us build out a player in either:

Source stream is HLS and displays on a browser.

We’re looking for the following:

  • Countdown timer which transitions to the player
  • Autoplayer
  • Displays video on mobile (mobile responsive web app) without having to play full screen.

If you are interested you can reply back here or reach us at hello (at)

Thank you,


I moved your question to the Hire a Consultant space @Jill Bourque where some of our third party consultants will see your need for help.

You can also post it in Wowza’s public Slack under the Hire channel here:

There’s a very active community of consultants and engineers in there. Best of luck to you!

Thanks @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager!