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Looking to present high-quality stream to thousands of viewers

Hi, I’m new to live-streaming. We are looking to present a high-quality interactive real-time streaming experience to thousands of students in about two weeks. It would require three cameras for three different spots. Please advise what equipment and software we need to make this happen.

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Good morning. I am happy to help you with this workflow and you can easily achieve this through Wowza and we have a couple of different ways to do this. The easiest way to set this up being new to live streaming would be to use Wowza Streaming Cloud since it’s very user friendly where Streaming Engine can involve a bit more work on your end. Do you already have an Engine license or are you open to using Cloud?

I will share our suggestions based on your response. Thank you.

We are also hosting a webinar on this exact topic in the near future and you can register here: