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Loop Until Live with WebRTC source


I’m trying to use Loop Until Live with WebRTC. I have a WebRTC publisher, and a WebRTC player all working fine. Of course, the stream does not exist if the publisher is not publishing, and consequently, the WebRTC player will not play. I would like to use Loop Until Live to create a place holder stream - so that the WebRTC player will always play.

I’ve been through the documentation, and I’ve watched the explainer video. But, the WebRTC player always reports that the stream does not exist. There is no fail back to the looped video. I can play the looping video if I specifically select that stream in the WebRTC player.

I need to check that this is even supported! Can you confirm that what I’m trying to do should work?


Thank you for checking on that, since we did not address that in the loop-until-live doc or tutorial. But, yes it can support a webrtc source. This is bit more complicated than a traditional encoder source due to the Webrtc requirements (signaling/ SDP etc.)

We have set this up recently for a customer who required a custom configuration so can you submit a ticket and we can walk through your particular setup and see why the player isn’t switching to the looped mp4?

But again to answer your question, it IS possible.

My pleasure.

Thanks Rose - I have just submitted a ticket.

I see…interesting. Ok let me pass that on to the person that created the code for both. They did “clean” up the player code in the codepen so I’ll try to see what is different. Thank you for clarifying that for me.

Here are the codepen links:



So - here’s a thing. The example player at will not play the “fail back stream” - whereas the example player in the Code Pen behaves perfectly. @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager - I don’t know what the official link for the Code Pen is - I’ll leave that to you to add.