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Low latency MPEG DASH

Although the 2 key technologies which LL-DASH, as specified at least 2 years ago by DASH-IF and further refined last year in cooperation with DVB, is based upon are already available in Wowza Streaming Engine for (obsoleted) LL-HLS (Chunked CMAF) or trivial (HTTP/1.1 Chunked Transfer Encoding), I wonder why Wowza doesn’t support yet any form of LL-DASH.

Differently than LL-HLS which is still a moving target, LL-DASH is quite stable and already supported by a number of encoders/packagers (e.g. Harmonic, Bitmovin, ffmpeg), CDNs (e.g. Akamai) and players (e.g. THEOPlayer, NexStreaming, Bitmovin).

Loyal Wowza customers looking for low delay ABR solutions are left out in the cold …

After speaking with the engineers, they let me know we have not made this a priority due to low request for that feature, but it is now being added as a feature request and I thank you for your feedback.

I appreciate the question and will seek a response from the engineering team for you.