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m3u8 dynamic url


I followed

Now i can see the m3u8 is encrypted

I pasted into video.php the sample php code

Now the question is how do i play the video in vlc or some player to test it

I tried http://ip/video.php?keyid=“key” but it doesnt play .

I am sure i am doing it wrong . How do i pass the http://ip:1395/vid/video/playlist.m3u8 as a parameter to be played.

Without keys and encryption this format is working fine.

If i run the php file and open the m3u8 it is showing some ascii code…

I saw how to test encrypted feed which only asks us to view content of m3u8 file. I want to play it .

I pasted the gen key in the key folder and in the php also.It is a live feed and i need in m3u8 format

HLS support in VLC is fairly new. It might not support AES encryption, from your report it sounds like it doesn’t


any thing like ffmpeg or any tool to check it ?

Am i doing it correctly rich?

what is the url for playing the file in any player eg Apple once it is encrypted?

How do i create the code… Pasting the php is enough or it is just part


<?php function hex2bin($h) { if (!is_string($h)) return null; $r = ''; for ($a=0;$a

how does the php know what to play. I am not getting the gist out of this?