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M3u8 url wrong encoding when containing diacritics

I am using wowza to stream video contents containing severeal audio tracks, and subtitles tracks in many language.

If the language labels contains diactritics like ç, ñ, etc… the playlist.m3u8 url is not in UTF-8 anymore but in ANSI.

So in all the players I tested the videos, the labels are not correctly displayed :

The m3u8 link is : [https]://

If you save it on your disk and open it with a text editor, you will see that the file is saved in ANSI

For this example with no language containing diacritics in its name, [https]://, the file is in UTF-8, which is correct.

For this two examples, the only changes are the name of the file and the subtitles included in the smil file.

What can I do to have correct language name in my player ? To have the m3u8 file always generated in UTF-8 ?


It will best for our Support Team to dive into why the characters are showing incorrectly. They will need the below files from Wowza Streaming Engine:
[install-dir]/logs (only latest log showing the stream being played back)
[install-dir]/content (the smil file that you created)

Ticket can be opened at: