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Make DEB package from Wowza .run installer

Dear support,

I looking for method how make deb package from latest version of Wowza Media Engine for Linux (WowzaStreamingEngine-4-2-0/

Deb package is important for us, because we using orchestration software for deploy short pool of server in short time. Can I ask you for help please?

Thank you


Hello there.

Wowza 4.2 installer is now an x86 binary. It doesn’t use package management such as deb or rpm any more.

Note: A silent installation option is available for all platforms, including Red Hat Package Manager and Debian Package Manager options for Linux. For more information, contact

If you want to make a deb package then you will have to do that yourself, probably by doing the install as normal which will extract the files and then building the package. It’s not something Wowza supports any more though.