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Manually install wowza plug in on Eclipse

Hello community,
I want to know if there is any way to install the wowza plug in for Eclipse IDE.
In my case I can’t use the repository Url installation from the IDE it self coz I working with close network.
I can only transform files by usb and install extensions manually.

Thank for any help

You cans do it in two ways.

  1. Install add on on a copy of eclipse outside your network when outside and it will be with you. You can also do that Ina. Different machine and copy the eclipse package to your main machine later. Eclipse will carry the Added plugin with it.

  2. You can consider getting the plugin as a zip and have eclipse install from zip.

@Karel_Boek should be able to help you better (if he has time)

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Hi thanks for your response.
I tried the first option but I got some errors from eclipse itself -so that is the complicated option.
About the second option, it’s the best for me, but I didn’t find any reference for zip file of the extension

It’s been a long, long time since we used Eclipse to develop Wowza plug-ins. At Raskenlund we have a Maven server with a repository for the WSE libraries, and we use Gradle to build. My colleague wrote an article about it a while ago:

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The last piece of a hint I can give is…if you can install a plugin into eclipse you can also get the files to zip up yourself. How? that I can’t remember/have time for now…but I know it is possible. by the way method #1 should have worked for you. I do that for a lot of plugins. I copy eclipse to a Pendrive and move it to another machine. Maybe it is a limitation on the newer eclipse.

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