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Media Cache best practise between Origin and Edge

Hi all,

Thank you for reading mmy post.

Here’s my current architecture



User use web based uploader, upload raw MP4 to storage server

Encoder will auto encode to H264/AAC using HandBrakeCLI

Video stored as file in /mbr/XXXXXX/500_kbps.mp4

Alias the folder /mbr/* as http:///mbr/*

So the video can be seen as HTTP

And this is located on client datacenter



Using AWS:EC2, fired up a wowza 4 server

Setup up mediacache using http/ prefix and http protocol

Setup secureToken to protect the vod

setup HLS & HDS

So far so good with avg concurrent arounf 100 users. But is there a better practise than this ?

Should I install another WSE4 at ORIGIN and serve dvr chunks instead ?

Please guide me. Thank you


Looking at your setup description, it looks like you are operating a video on demand platform. The nDVR feature is only available for live streams.

The MediaCache prefix name you are using is not linked to a specific protocol. You can name it to “myCoolPrefixName” and Wowza Streaming Engine will still use HTTP protocol to access the video files store on your origin web server.

You can find more resources by visiting the “Scaling with Wowza Media Cache” forum article.