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Media Cache origin-edge configuration


I have the following configuration:

  1. Origin server with default VOD configuration (sample can be found at:

  2. Edge with an Edge VOD application: vod_edge and Media Cache with the following configuration: Prefix: dvrorigin/ and Base Path:

When I try to view the sample from the Edge machine using this URL: http://localhost:1935/vod_edge/definst/mp4:dvrorigin/sample.mp4/playlist.m3u8, I get the error:

WARN	404	dvrorigin/sample.mp4[2]: java.lang.Exception: QTUtils.parseQTMediaContainer: File is missing 'moov' atom.

Both computers are on the same network, this is not a network problem.

Any idea what is the problem?


We can’t access the sample you linked to as those IP addresses are private networks which aren’t routable on the Internet.

This looks like it could be a problem with the source material. Have a read of this thread and see if it helps. If you’re still having the same issues then please provide a sample of the source video and we can take a further look.


With MediaCache the origin is typically a web server or NAS, not a Wowza vod application. If you have sample.mp4 in the root content folder of your web server, and you have a MediaCacheSource defined with BasePath “http://”, which is what the default MediaCacheSource named “dvrorigin” is, then the stream name for playback on the MediaCache edge is:


“dvrorigin” is just the name of the predefined MediaCacheSource in Wowza 4 install, you can rename it or make another one. Since its BasePath is “http://” it can be used to point to any http location. You can make the BasePath more specific, for example "http://[your-web-server]/content. Then the stream name if sample.mp4 is would be



You may be getting this error if you are trying to playback a file that has H.264 video but in a .flv container, where as the file is not an mp4 file. Try using flv:someFile.flv


The example was provided so you guys can see the whole configuration. (i know you cannot access the links). The origin and edge servers are on the same network (if you’re having any doubts) so they can access each other.

The file in question is the one provided by Wowza after installation (“sample.mp4” Big Buck animation) so the file is not the problem.

The problem is that the two tutorials don’t show how to access (the url format) VOD content on the edge server.