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Media decode error (mp4a.40.2, avc1.4D401F)

Any ideas on what is causing this? Happens in Chrome on Mac and Win.Safari works fine. Just started happening. I’m on a Newtek MediaDS.

What version of Engine is this? Are you using Beamr in 4.8.13 or 4.8.14?

Please send a support ticket so we can assist and attempt to troubleshoot.

I’m actually on 4.7.1

I’ve developed a solution to this. Specific to the Newtek MediaDS.

If anyone is using the auto-generated web pages on the Newtek MediaDS, you can contact me via email (james dot talmage at jrtechnical dot com).

(@Scott_Caster I think we’ve already taken care of you through ALS, but if you’re not the same Scott, get in contact).