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Media Server integration with live streams (one-on-one, one-on-many),online chat,VOD

Hi there!

We are a software developer firm, and we were inquired to develop a live streaming application with free (VOD) and private/payable (one-on-more, one-on-one) streams with chat functionalizy. Number of live streams (webcams) is not exactly known atm, also paying client’s number is uncertain now.

We have a little experience with own hosted Wowza server, but now we would like to get professional help to set up the background of the system.

The public application and the account management administration background will be programmed by us, but we need a “well setuped” video background either in SaaS or in cloud version (at this stage our client doesn’t want to host the video streamer/transcoder/hoster server(s)).

Project’s budget is under discussion

Please contact me to discuss a little more about the further details.

Please write email (, contact me on skype (toth.csabi), or call directly (+36703399277).

Best regards,

Csaba Toth

AlphaCore Ltd.

Hi Toth, i was involved in projects similar to yours, so can guide you through the process and offer best options.

You can write me to, i’ll email you too.

Hi Toth , I’ve just finished free and payable ( choose and watch a single stream channel or channel package ) streams project . I developed custom module for single point of login like per ip per user , also added feature to the html5 and as3 player that hide source code ( encrypted with aes 256 cbc ) , and every customer has a unique id ( customer number or username ) and it’s shown around player for block capturing private channel.

Here is demo of player I’ve just send you a mail.

Kind Regards,

Emre Karataşoğlu