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Media streaming server infrastructure architect

Hi, community! We’re seeking for the guy with expert level knowledge in building scalable server infrastructure for VOD video streaming. We have expectations to stream a huge amount of traffic up to 40Gbps initially and we need somebody who have already implemented highload solutions.

  • Experience in UNIX-bases OS administration.

  • Strong knowledge on storage systems performance, incl. RAID/non-RAID configurations

  • Preferably build configuration with management systems like Opscode Chef, Puppet.

  • Load balancing: Ha-Proxy, Squid.

  • Web services: Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, Passenger, Unicorn.

  • Caching services: Memcache, Varnish

  • Scripting: shell/bash(awk, sed), C, Ruby.

  • Distributed FS: GlusterFS, ZFS.

  • Iptables, pf, ipfw, dummynet, Squid, natd, pf, ipa, ipstat.

  • Network: strong understanding of IP addressing, switching (VLAN), routing (static, RIP, OSPF).

Target: build ideal hardware environment for our project that will allow 1) streaming up to 5 gigabits per second from one server 2) easy scaling and load balancing incl. design of hot content cash algorithms 3) to stream with max economical efficiency

Key responsibilities and workflow will be:

  1. Deal with problems of performance on the current server configuration together with our team lead, expert in video streaming solutions, inc. gathering information about what resources are in use and what rests streaming

  2. After collecting this data analyze and issue a recommendation for streaming server configuration, preferably Chef configuration

  3. Define and apply scaling strategy

  4. Deploy system utilizing our own DC facilities and perform fine-tuning and load testing.

  5. Continuous system support

We need enterprise level specialist with knowledge on Netflix’s, Vudu’s, Hulu’s solutions and we’re able to pay enterprise price for this consulting.

Please contact me only via mail:

Hi Alexinst,

I can help with your project, I have experience in VOD and Live streaming high load sites…

Here my details to contactme:

Email: support[at]