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Mediacaste uses rtsp interleave even though udp configured

I configured in application.xml file that the rtsp mediacaster should use udp.

if i connect to a live ip-camera source, i see in wireshark that the wowza streaming engine starts the tcp handshake to the port tcp 554 and then after the handshake, it conitues using the tcp 554 port to get the stream (camera sends the stream into wowza using tcp 554 and not using udp as i configured in the file).

can anyone pls explain me this behaviour ? Probably i am missing sth here.

It is possible you made the change in the wrong application.xml file.
Or you made the change in the correct .xml file but did not restart the application to force the changes to be recognized.
You also have the Stream File configuration. That must be set to udp as well.

I have only one application. Therefore it is the right application.xml file. I also restarted the application but also the vhost. Still don’t work.

I also changed the property rtpTransportmode to udp and restartet the application and the stream file. Still don’t work.
Any other guesses ?