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migrating applications between WSE4 servers

Hi folks,

I have two edge servers, now both running Wowza 4.0.1

I took this opportunity to re-arrange my application setups (implement external AES, split some streams between different applications, etc), and now I want to get this configuration over to the other server.

Normally what I would do with Wowza 3 is copy the application folders inside /conf and /applications to the other server and restart, but now they don’t show up in the management panel.

I eventually gave up and reconfigured each application again on the second server, but is there a way to migrate applications like this and let the management panel see them?



Hi Thomas,

At the moment, there isn’t an automated way to do what you are asking however, it does sound like a great idea so I will pass it onto our engineering team to look at implementing.

For now, if you make sure that all of the settings are saved on the first server then you can still copy over the folders from the this server to your other servers and then restart.

After you have copied them over, you will have to log out of the manager on the new servers and log back in again so that you can see the new applications.


If I’m reading this correctly this is exactly what I need. I’d like to sync applications between two wowza servers, I used to do this with a subversion repository for the apps, which updated both my servers every few minutes. Now applications are created through the web interface I need a way to sync them on the second wowza server.

I tried that, it just messes things up… the applications still don’t show in the list, and the default vHost does not start, it must be launched manually after starting the wowza service

EDIT: tracked down the vHost issue to a missing third-party module, so that’s not related to the migration

What I have done is to create the applications in the control panel, then copy over the folders from my first server, that works pretty well