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Minute by minute user logs / stats

we hold live events that last one hour or so. We’d need to evaluate how many audience users are online every ten or five minutes or so. Apparently the only relevant data we have is the number of unique users or the average time spent. Is there any way to see the trend during that specific hour?
It would be great something like the stream health monitor but with users instead of outbound bitrate…

Thank you

Fabrizio Ulisse

Hello there @Fabrizio_Ulisse, Yes! Now that we use Fastly with Cloud, we have advanced real time viewer analytics which gives you a dashboard showing you mapping of where the streams are being viewed around the globe, stream health score, latency and more score,

Here is a recorded webinar video we did highlighting the viewer data dashboard and you can get right to that part if you fast forward to around 25:00 in the video. Our cloud engineer goes over all the viewer insights.

This level of insights in not available using Cloud with Akamai, only with Fastly, which is what Cloud uses as a default. I only mention that because some folks configure Cloud to be used with Akamai instead of the default Fastly.

Hope the video helps give you an idea of what you may be looking for- thanks.

Not sure if what you want out of the box exists today. Possibly Rose’s suggestion of the fastly WSC info works for you.

There are many ways to do this and it depends on whether you are using WSE/WSC and if there is a CDN involved. Most would involve some custom code either on the server or client side.