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MJPEG-DASH over HTTP behind reverse-proxy / wrong location in mdp manifest


I want to setup DASH live streaming over HTTP behind HaProxy, but when I get the manifest.mpd, the contains the internal IP address / port of the wowza host.

So I wondering how I can change how the stream profile is generated ?

Thank you in advance.


sorry I posted this question too quickly.

In fact I forgot to add “x-forwarded-for” and Co. headers, then manifest was generated accordingly with the right host and port.

Can you please clarify, is this resolved? If not please update your question.

Thank you,


I am facing similar issue, It would be great if someone can elaborate how to fix this issue. Where to use 'x-forwarded-for' and Co.

Would you be willing to post this as a brand new question and I will respond right away? This is too old from 2016 and needs to be closed. We have had so many changes since then- best to answer in a 2020 post so people don’t get confused. Thank you so much @Aj Singh.

You can just ask where to configure the x-forwarded- for part in MPEG-DASH setup. You don’t need to repeat everything. Also, let us know what engine version you are using. Thank you.