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Mp4 videos not live streaming


We are using mp4 videos on a live stream with the following specification:

They were playing but stuttering when we were using flv files however they are not playing at all now that they are mp4 files.

When I check the FFMPEG log I get the following error:

[flv @ 0x7f67e25824c0] Codec mpeg4 is not supported in the official FLV specification,

[flv @ 0x7f67e25824c0] use vstrict=-1 / -strict -1 to use it anyway.

What is the rcommendation here?

The page below shows the codecs that Wowza Streaming Engine supports. MPEG4 is not one of them.

Web based players will not be able to decode MPEG4 video. You should use H.264 video with stereo AAC audio in an MP4 container.

We have an article on how to create streaming media compatible VOD content in the article below. While it focuses on the free and open source program FFMpeg, the same concepts apply to live as well.