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MPEG DASH test player doesn’t play video in chrome browser


I have installed Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.3.0 In IncomingStreams section there are Test Players. The MPEG DASH player works correctly and plays streams in Edge, Explorer and Firefox browsers very well. But in Chrome browsers (I tried different last versions)player doesn’t play stream -Neither video nor audio. But after push “Start” button status changes on Playing and the control panel of html5 video tag appears. I think that scripts to start playing begin work? But something works incorrectly in the player itself.

Or, sadly, Chrome doesn’t support this MPEG DASHplayer.

AndMPEG DASH player on - has such problem.

I very much ask you to deal with this.

Hello Denis,

I agree, it does appear that the built-in Test Player in Wowza Streaming Engine does have issues with MPEG-DASH playback.

I did find that the Test Player at did play the stream, but only when the stream was delivered over HTTPS. This looks to be a restriction within Chrome in that it won’t play HTTP streams on an HTTPS website due to mixed content. You can see the errors if you enable the developer console in the browser. Chrome has become very strict about mixing HTTP and HTTPS on the same page in recent releases.

We use Google Shaka for the basis of our test player, and I believe Shaka is, or already has, deprecated HTTP playback for MPEG-DASH (their own test player is now only available over HTTPS and will only play HTTPS streams). So I would recommend configuring Wowza to deliver over HTTPS in any case if you have not already.

I’ll raise the problem with our built-in Test Player with our developers and see if this can be resolved.



Hello Paul, To a large extent I agree with you about chrome restrictions. But Wowza Streaming Engine works over http and Built-in test player works over http on my server. I think besides https restrictions there is another problem with mpeg-dash and chrome.