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Mpegts sub enabling?

Hi, i have some mpegts streams in http format that have multiply audio and sub tracks, how do i force wowza to only use 1 of each ? so that theres only 1 audio and sub track, and is it possible to “force” the sub to allow be on?

When i select a one of my stream and click edit i have the “advanced” option where i can change the aduio with this function:

mpegtsAudioPID but where do i get the PID from, is there a way that wowza show available PID ?

anyone?. can it really be that no one is using wowza with mpegts and sub?

where do i define the SUB that i want… just like the audio

Hi Serdal, please correct me if I’m misunderstood. You have streams that have multiple audio & subtitles right ?

Lots of player ( jw & bitmovin player, maybe wowza player also ) support selecting audio channels but first you need to implement this module

then you need to pass audioindex parameter, actually

it is for vod however live stream might work.

For multiple subtitle wowza has closed caption support you can also use wowzacaptionlanguages query string for request, but I generally use & suggest handling subtitle on player side.

If you want to detect which audio index represent which language, then you have to develop wowza module or you can look the audio map ( channels ) with ffmpeg, for more info maybe hiring consultant work for you :wink: In addition you can check this post also