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Multi-bitrate Live Streaming via RTSP for Android


how is multi-bitrate Live Streaming done for Android devices via RTSP? For Iphone it’s quite clear, but for Android there is not much said here:

Normal single rate streaming works fine, but would like to run multirate on Android.



It is not supported.


At this time my understanding is that Android only supports RTSP/RTP streaming for which we do not have a multi-bitrate implementation.


We have no short term plans to support this feature.


Are we able to use HTTP streaming to Android device and have multibitrate in this way?

We have HTC Desire and Motorola Milestone for testing.

We are using a multibitrate encoder that generates one SDP for 4 profiles, but your live multibitrate setup uses several SDP files and SMIL.

Is there a way to have one SDP file per channel, instead of one SDP per separate bitrate stream?



Multi-bitrate is not supported for RTSP, but the latest Android devices support Flash 10.1 so you can do RTMP or Flash HTTP streaming including multi-bitrate.


“Smooth streaming” refers to Silverlight HTTP streaming. If you mean smooth streaming generically, it depends on what you want to do. In general, HTTP multi-bitrate (including Cupertino/iOS, San jose/Flash HTTP and Silverlight/Smooth) streaming is probably better than RTMP dynamic streaming.


Again, I think HTTP is better than RTMP for multi-bitrate streaming. There are other good reasons to use RTMP (security, cuepoints, familiarity with certain player), but just in terms of best streaming, HTTP is probably better.

Wirecast is a good encoder that works with Wowza, however it will not work as the source of several multi-bitrate streams for any type of multi-bitrate streaming, because the streams are not key frame aligned…

Wirecast will work as the source for Wowza Transcoder to do every kind of multi-bitrate streaming. The Transcoder ensures key frame alignment.

FMLE (read the EULA) will work as source of several multi-bitrate streams to do every kind of multi-bitrate streaming without using Wowza Transcoder. The problem is EULA restrictions, and in some cases uplink bandwidth. I.e., it is easier to send one stream to the Wowza Transcoder than to produce each bitrate version with the encoder and stream all to Wowza over the network.

I recommend the Wowza 3 Transcoder.


The Wowza Transcoder tutorial covers ngrp groups, that are used to create multi-bitrate streams for HTTP streaming


Did you enable Sanjose streaming in the /conf/live/Application? See step 3c here:

(Please don’t duplicate posts, it’s not necessary.)


Is your Wowza server on a public IP? If so, send a link to the ngrp:myStream_all version, and the individual streams.

And zip up and include conf and logs folders.

Include a link to this thread for reference


Hi charlie,

do you have update for the adaptive RTSP streaming? there are possibiity to have this feature in the new wowza version ?



  • Is multibitrate streaming still not available on Android platform?

  • Does Wowza recommend any alternatives to RTSP for streaming video to Android?

what is better for the smooth live streaming (multi-bitrate), RTMP or HTTP ?

I mean general smooth streaming ( switching video quality in real-time depending on end user bandwidth changes ) ,

  • is HTTP better than RTMP to provide live stream in highest possible video quality to end user ( low bandwidth ) ?

  • does wirecast support HTTP streaming , if not , please provide me with another software.

thanks for your cooperation.


thanks again rrlaham , do you have tutorial about http multi-bitrate live streaming with Wowza 3 transcoder ?

I tried to play the video from the following url


I received the following message :

The F4M document contains errors URL missing from Media tag


please note that i didn’t change any settings in any of xml files or data files , I have mystream.smil , also I tried to use “http://[myserver]:1935/live/myStream/manifest.f4m” it works fine , the problem is with multi-birate , so do you have any suggestions ?

yes , Its enabled , I took the application.xml file from wowza examples , it contains same code as in…based-encoder)