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multi channel streaming


i have question about wowza cloud stream, can wowza be multi channel streamed (rtmp)?

example: 1 account service wowza cloud stream, can be push or pull 2 channel (SD ch and FHD ch) run together?

Yes, you can have multiple channels @naldo constatntine with RTMP and even transcode and transmux the RTMP if you’d like to reach a bigger audience. (HLS)

You would use Wowza StreamPublisher.

Please note: In our docs, a “stream” in this particular workflow will actually mean a channel and not just one individual video stream. In that channel, you can have several video files for playback.

You can have multiple channels and I will share some docs to assist you. Please feel free to reach out to tech support with a ticket if you’d like additional help configuring this.


2. Video tutorial on how to schedule multiple channels